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CONTENTS Introduction ...3 Chapter 1. Parts of speech in modern English.6 1.1. Main characteristics of parts of speech in the English language6 1.2. The system of parts of speech9 Chapter 2. General peculiarities of the adverb as a part of speech11 2.1. Semantic categories of adverbs in English..11 2.2. Lexico-Grammatical categories of adverbs in English...16 Conclusion...20 References... 22
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Introduction People are always curious about the world in which they live and wish to perceive and master it. As human beings, we cannot do without language fundamental principle of which is grammar. Grammar is no different from any other source of knowledge in this respect. Grammar is one of the crucial elements that are necessary to master any language. Its main aim is to enable learners to carry out their communication purposes. The knowledge of grammar system and functions has a great impact on all skills such as writing, reading, speaking, learning the foreign language and general thinking. Grammar is bound up with the meaning and effect of what we write and say; it gives us the words to talk about the choices we make in the process of communication. Until very recently education without grammar was unthinkable and, and as it was discovered, the learning of this important aspect of any language has an incredibly long and global history. Many other civilizations of the ancient worlds were intellectually curious about how their language worked and started to develop words to be able to describe the way the language is used in practice. Owing to the extensive endeavors of the best grammarians of all time we do have such an opportunity nowadays. Knowing about grammar says David Crystal in The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language [22], means "being able to talk about what it is we are able to do when we construct sentences, to describe what the rules are, and what happens when they fail to apply." Apart from David Crystal, it is impossible not to mention about such prominent grammarians and linguists as Jason Baldridge, Bas Aarts, John Benjamins, Noam Chomsky, Charles Fries, A. J. Thomson and many others. All these scholars made many efforts into a detailed research of English grammar in general and this topic in particular. This course paper comprises such components as an introduction, two chapters each of which is divided into two subchapters, conclusions and references. As far as the structure and content are concerned the work is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part describes the general notion of the parts of speech in the English language, their system, characteristic features and functions in the sentences and utterances. The practical part comprises the specific information concerning the general characteristics of adverbs in English, their lexico-semantic and grammatic peculiarities as well as practical use in different cases in the communicative process. The topicality of this topic is demonstrated in the great need of deep investigation of English language system that is realized in grammar. Among all grammatical aspects and categories, the notion of the adverb as the part of speech is considered to be the most complex and at the same time controversial one. The knowledge of learners of this particular aspect will help them to master and understand one of the most complicated parts of speech in the English language. The object of this course paper is semantic as well lexical aspects of adverbs in the system of the English language. The subject of this course paper is the grammar book of the English language by different famous grammarians. The aim of the course paper is to investigate the peculiarities of English adverbs, reveal their semantic, lexical and grammatical features. The additional aim of this academic piece of writing is to group and systematize all the knowledge about this part of speech in order to be able to use it according to the rules and its purpose. The tasks that are put by this course paper are following: To thoroughly examine the structure of English parts of speech and adverbs in particular To give very clear and complete characteristics of the semantic and lexical peculiarities of English adverbs To organize or class all the knowledge about Modern English adverbs To draw the parallel between the adverb and different parts of speech To use all the obtained knowledge and skills practically in order to prevent all the mistakes connected with the use of adverbs in the English language The practical value of this course paper reveals itself in the further possibility of usage of these materials in the learning process. The work comprises complete characteristics of the semantic and lexical aspects as well as a huge range of different examples of multifunctional usage of adverbs in the English language that may be very useful in the process of learning the language. To sum up, our grammar abilities are extraordinary. It is probably one of the most creative abilities that we possess. That is why there is no limit to what we can say or write. But as in every system, this potential should be controlled by a finite number of rules.