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General characteristics of the USA (ID:213118)

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г : 2016
: 600
CONTENTS Introduction2 Chapter I. The USA: history, geographical position and political system 1.1 History of the USA...4 1.2 Gegraphical position of the USA..7 1.3 Political System of the USA.9 Chapter II. Culture of the USA 2.1 General facts about culture.13 2.2 Official and unofficial symbols of the USA...17 2.3 Famous Places in the United States22 Chapter III .Education of the USA 3.1 High school education26 3.2 Higher Education in the USA.28 3.3 Universities with the highest reputation.....33 Conclusion40 References42 Appendices
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The topicality of the research is caused by the fact, that the USA is the most powerful and highly developed country of the world. The USA is a country of exciting history. It is a multicultural and multinational country. Thats why it is necessary to investigate this country in details. The object of the research is the description of general characteristics of the USA. The subject of the course paper historical and geographical outline of the USA and peculiarities of Americas culture. The aim of the research is analyze in detail the main aspects of history, culture and education of the USA. The tasks of the research are the following: - to study the typical features of the historical development of the USA; - to analyze the geographical outline of the USA; - to describe the cultural peculiarities of the USA;