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Черкаський кооперативний коледж, Варіант №1, Англійська мова, №3066 (ID:16729)

Тип роботи: контрольна
Дисципліна:Іноземна мова
Сторінок: 14
Рік виконання: 2010
Вартість: 50
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Завдання №2 I. Прочитайте та перекладіть письмово текст. Management and Manager Management means the members of administration of a business or an organization. They may be or may be not the owners of the business. But they are always selected by the owners to be responsible for different functions of the organization. A typical organization has three layers of management: the senior management, the middle management and the junior management. A good definition of a manager is given by W. Brown and E. Jaques. A manager is "an individual who is accountable for more work than he/she can do himself and who gets some of it done through other people". This definition is related to managers who function at all levels. Завдання №17 І. Прочитайте текст. Law Reform In England and Wales, the Law Commission formulates proposals for law reform and provides advice and assistance to government departments. It is chaired by a High Court judge and the four other commissioners are distinguished legal practitioners and academics. They are supported by teams of lawyers. The teams analyse problems and develop solutions which are incorporated in a working paper drawn up for approval by the Commissioners. The paper is published for consultation with experts, interest groups and others. The team then assesses the outcome of the consultations, makes firm proposals, instructs parliamentary counsel to draft a Bill giving effect to them and prepares a report with the Bill annexed. Following approval by the Commissioners, the report is submitted to the Lord Chancellor and laid before Parliament. The Lord Chancellor also occasionally refers civil law matters to the Law Reform Committee, nominating as member experts in the particular field of law involved. The Criminal Law Revision Committee is appointed by the Home Secretary to review criminal law topics. Any changes in the law are a matter for legislation. Law reform in Scotland is promoted by the Scottish Law Commission, for which the Lord Advocate is the minister responsible. In Northern Ireland the Law Reform Advisory Committee, which reports to the Secretary of State, reviews certain aspects of the civil law and makes recommendations for reform. II. Виберіть у тексті потрібну інформацію та закінчіть речення. Завдання №92 І. Перепишіть речення, підкресліть у кожному з них дієслово-присудок і визначте його видо-часову форму, стан та інфінітив. Поставте запитання до виділених слів. 1. People work to earn wages or salary. 2. They will be prepared to reconsider the prices. 3. Gold and silver were once the most common forms of money. Завдання №122 Прокоментуйте ситуацію письмово. Imagine you are writing a guidebook to London. Make up a list of the most important landmarks, which should be included in the book and mention the main facts about them. Література
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