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A small shop selling essential groceries, newspaper, often run by a family, serving a few streets, and open from morning to late at night is called . boutique shopping mall supermarket corner store Exporters complain about complicated and complex custom regulations. tariffs protectionism free trade bureaucracy He becomes .. if he can not pay what he owes. cash flow forecast a bankrupt income business plan , . Are you call me back to next Monday? Do you call next Monday to me? You call me back till next Monday? Could you call me back next Monday? . exists when goods can be traded easily between countries. tariffs bureaucracy protectionism free trade A large shop in a town or serving an area of a city which sells foods, drinks, things for cleaning the house is called. boutique corner store supermarket shopping mall As a part of a package he sometimes offers customers insurance. free cheap minimum very good The money coming into business is usually called . . expenditure cash flow forecast income business plan A plan of how to spend money over a period of time is called . . business plan cash flow forecast expenditure budget ? Are you like something else to drink? Would you like something else to drink? Do you want something else to drink? Can you like something for drink? ? Will I borrow your newspaper? I want to borrow your newspaper. May I borrow your newspaper? I borrow your newspaper? . I want leave half an hour early. Could I leave you half an hour early? I would leave you half an hour early. I should leave you half an hour early. . is where countries try to protect home producers without restrictions. bureaucracy protectionism free trade tariffs Free trade always stimulates competition distribution import export A small independent shop which sells clothes, often with designer labels is called boutique corner store shopping mall supermarket The manufacturers worry too much about .. . their taking part competition asking questions testing Free trading allows companies .. . to grow to raise feel confident to get down The manager suggested . that explained his project and how it would succeed. business plan budget cash flow forecast expenditure This helps them become less dependent on .and this is good for their country manufacturers. export distribution competition import 璿 , . I want to eat the chicken salad, please. I\'d like the chicken salad, please. I need the chicken salad, please. Bring me some chicken salad, please. Government .. limit for import of luxury cars to 200 each year. agreed improved provided balanced It is often possible a deal with a customer who says the price is too high. to speak to talk to communicate to negotiate A large shop on many floors divided into separate sections, e.g. electrical goods, furniture, fashion is called . 1 shopping mall 2 corner store supermarket boutique These new make our product 50% more expensive. 1 Rules products negotiations prices