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Analysis of the text 'Metabolites of Pseudomonas involved in the biocontrol of plant disease' (ID:299069)

: 8
г : 2018
: 150
1) The category of informativity 2) The category of presupposition 3) The category of Cohesion
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The text under consideration is a piece of scientific writing entitled Metabolites of Pseudomonas involved in the biocontrol of plant disease and written by David N. Dowling and Fergal OGara. Since the present text belongs to the scientific functional style, it can be characterized by some graphic and paralinguistic peculiarities. Thus, the title is written in bold type and is followed by the names of the authors; the place of publication (written in italicized type) and the date are written after the text. Besides, the main body of the article is preceded by an abstract which concisely formulates the key aspects of the information from the text. It should be pointed out that the informativity of the text is also created by paralinguistic means. Here belong certain semiotic devices used as bearers of additional scientific information. Thus, in the text under analysis there are some designations of biological terms containing figures (agrocin 84, Pseudomonas fluorescens 2-79).