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Analysis of an extract from the novel Martin Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens (ID:299070)

: 7
г : 2016
: 150
1) The category of informativity 2) The category of presupposition 3) The category of implication 4) The category of Cohesion
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The text under discussion is a piece of belles-lettres writing, namely an extract from the novel under the title Martin Chuzzlewit written by the famous English writer of the 19th century Charles Dickens. The events of the text are presented in the form of the characters dialogues (accompanied by the authors remarks) which prevail and the authors narration (including description and portrayal of personages). The narration is done in the 3rd person singular. The events of the text are set in New York, in the house of Mr. and Mrs. Norris. The main characters are General Fladdock, the Norrises and Martin Chuzzlewit. The general emotional tone of this extract is not homogeneous: it is ironical at the beginning of the text but then it turns into strongly satirical and tense at the end.