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Dark side of the Internet: services we are not allowed to discuss (ID:698725)

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г : 2022
: 25
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If you compare the Internet space with the ocean, the average user really "floats" only on the beach. Along with the vast amount of information that is available to the average Internet user, there is no less than the size of the Internet, which can not get everyone. Search engines such as Google cannot detect so-called "deep internet" content, which is used for both legal and illegal activities. The hidden side of the Internet has become a haven for illegal groups that use it for a variety of purposes, from arms, exotic animals, malware, child pornography and human trafficking to espionage, money laundering and extremism, which have long attracted law enforcement attention. world. In addition to the regular Internet, there is the so-called deep web. Its content is not indexed by search engines and cannot be accessed from a regular browser. The deep web is ten times larger than the regular Internet. No, it's not completely prohibited. Most of the deepweb is occupied by databases, service parts of sites, ordinary pages with the tag. But there is also a ban there, and it is called the darknet. You need a special browser to surf the dark web.