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: : Banking system of Ukraine (ID:837848)

: 20
г : 2021
: 450
CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 3 MAIN PART 4 The essence, structure and functions of the banking system 4 Banking in a transition economy 9 Structural aspects of improving the banking system of Ukraine 12 CONCLUSION 14 REFERENCES 15 GLOSSARY 16
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. . INTRODUCTION The process of Ukraine's transition to a qualitatively new form of economic relations based on market principles of management has necessitated radical changes in the financial and credit sphere of the economy, which plays a key role in ensuring cash flow, thus creating the basic prerequisites for social reproduction. The main link in this area is the banking system, which has a leading place in the overall mechanism of organization and regulation of economic life of society and the effectiveness of which crucially depends on the success of socio-economic transformations in the country as a whole. Today, the banking system of Ukraine is one of the most developed elements of the economic mechanism, as its reform was started earlier than other sectors of the economy, which was determined by the key role of banks in solving the problems of transition to the market. Banks play a key role in creating an optimal environment for mobilization and free flow of capital, accumulation of funds for economic restructuring, privatization and business development. At the same time, the full disclosure of their potential in the implementation of the function of financial intermediation in the market is largely determined by the structural organization of the banking system, which provides a complex mechanism for practical implementation of relationships and relationships between banking institutions. efficiency of credit and financial services of all parts of the economic complex.