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Презентація на тему: WHAT MAKES A SPEAKER CONFIDENT? (ID:959398)

Тип роботи: інше
Дисципліна:Іноземна мова
Сторінок: 11
Рік виконання: 2023
Вартість: 150
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Many jobs require giving presentations or speaking in front of crowds. However, some people consider public speaking to be a challenge. Self-confidence in speaking is an essential attribute for effective communication. Here are some key factors that contribute to self-confidence in speaking P-PLANNING -Thoroughly planning of your speech or presentation is the foundation of confidence. Knowing your topic, audience, and key points will boost your self-assurance. P-PREPARING- Prepare your presentation in advance, and ask the meeting organizer for the time limit. Start by writing your most important points first. P- PRACTICE Practice your presentation multiple (малтіпл) times. This will help you know what you're going to say, which may help you feel more relaxed and able to engage with the audience. Тry giving your presentation to a small group of family and friends and asking for their feedback. Visualize success Visualize yourself as a successful public speaker. Practice relaxation techniques. Consider practicing positive affirmations or deep breathing techniques. Get plenty of sleep Allow yourself plenty of time to relax and rest the night before your presentation. Try to get enough sleep. This may help you feel refreshed. Do light exercises Prepare for your presentation with some light exercises or some relaxation techniques. Consider stretching, going for a brief walk or bending your knees. This can help oxygen reach your brain, which helps reduce tension. Practice power poses One option is to practice power poses before presenting to improve your confidence. Take an open stance, and stretch your arms and legs away from your body. This may help your mind feel more confident, helping you process the challenge of public speaking as an opportunity rather than a threat. 14. Smile Smile during your presentation. Smiling naturally relaxes the body and conveys confidence, enthusiasm and self-assurance. It also releases endorphins, which promotes a natural sense of well-being, calms your nerves and creates a pleasant attitude.