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Contents INTRODUCTION ...8 CHAPTER 1. FEASIBILITY STUDY ON THE PROJECT..10 1.1 The characteristic of the area where it is planned to place an institution, and justification .....10 1.2. The analysis of the existing market of hotel services...19 1.3 Research of the contingent of potential consumers...22 1.4 Rationale list of services....25 1.5 Definition of conceptual bases of activity of the enterprise of hospitality26 1.6Justification of technical capability of construction of the designed enterprise.27 CHAPTER 2. ORGANIZATIONAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL PART..28 2.1 Modeling and structurization of service process...28 2.1.1 Development of organizationally - functional structure of the enterprise of hospitality28 2.1.2 Organization of reception and placement of tourists..33 2.2 Design of reception and lobby group of rooms.36 2.3 Design of premises39 2.4 Design of institutions of restaurant enterprise at hotel..44 2.4.1 Type and capacity of the enterprise of food at hotel..44 2.4.2 Organization of work of points of food..44 Drawing up menu and development of the production program of the enterprise.44 Drawing up table and schedule of loading of the hall..48 Definition of quantity of the dishes and drinks realized in a hall50 Calculation of necessary quantity of raw materials for providing the production program of a public catering at hotel of the projected..55 Justification of structure and structure of rooms on the basis of the structural and technological scheme of production.57 Design of warehouse economy59 Organization of work of a warehouse..59 Justification of a choice of the equipment and stock for warehousing and storage of raw stocks...68 Design of procuring shops...70 Characteristic of technological process and feature of the organization of technological lines and separate workplaces...70 Selection of the equipment, stock of shops and calculation of their areas.77 Design of cooking shops.79 Organization of working of cooking shops..79 Selection of the equipment, stock of shops and calculation of their areas.90 Design of washing kitchen ware..91 2.4.3 Organization of service of consumers....92 2.4.4 Spatial solution of a zone of service and its material support....97 2.4.5 Design of administrative and household rooms...101 2.4.6 Design of the technical rooms..102 2.4.7 Determination of total area of the enterprises of food of the hotel..102 2.5 Design of rooms of cultural and spectacular and sports and improving appointment...104 2.6 Design of service, economic and production premises of hotel..106 2.7 Determination of total area of an institution, configuration and number of storeys of the building...107 2.8 Development of the space-planning decision of the designed enterprise of hotel and restaurant economy.....110 2.9 Conditions of ensuring sanitary and hygienic norms in hotel.111 CHAPTER 3. THE ENGINEERING PART.113 3.1. Placement of an institution in city structure...133 3.2. Construction decisions of the enterprise.115 3.3 Characteristic of engineering systems of hotel....116 3.4. Offers on design.129 3.4.1. External architectural composition..130 3.4.2 An interior of rooms for service of visitors..131 3.5. Actions for labor protection, safety measures, fire safety..133 3.5.1. The organization of security service of work at the enterprise....133 3.5.2. The analysis of operational injuries at the enterprise..134 3.5.3. Sanitary working conditions on production137 Microclimate of the production room...138 Air gas contamination....141 Air dust content..144 Noise.146 Vibration...147 Radiation...149 3.5.4. Electrical safety in production rooms....149 3.5.5. Fire safety..151 3.5.6. Safety measures in hot shop..154 3.5.7. Providing with sanitary and household rooms and offers on work sanitary living conditions.155 3.5.8. Labor protection suggestions for improvement at the enterprise..155 CHAPTER 4. THE INNOVATION PART...157 4.1. Innovations in the hotel and restaurant industry.157 4.2 Innovations in the field of molecular technologies in the hotel and restaurant industry .161 4.3 Evaluation of the proposed innovation...168 CHAPTER 5. THE ORGANIZATIONAL AND ECONOMIC PART....177 5.1. Choice of organizational legal status and formation of organizational structure of management of establishment of hotel and restaurant economy...177 5.2 Planning of the main productive indicators of operating activities of a hotel and restaurant complex.191 5.2.1 Design of the income from operation of a number of rooms of hotel..191 5.3. Planning of operational assets of the enterprise.196 5.4. Planning of operating costs of the enterprise.197 5.5. Forecasting of a gross and trade cash flow of a hotel and restaurant complex.201 5.6. Assessment of the main indicators of efficiency of implementation of the investment project on creation of a hotel and restaurant complex.207 CONCLUSION AND PROPOSALS211 BIBLIOGRAPHY AND INTERNET RESOURCES...213 ADDITIONS GRAPHIC MATERIAL
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3.1. Placement of an institution in city structure Designed project of construction the hotel *** on 70 numbers will be placed in the separate building. The site under construction is located in the city of Chernigov, Nezavisimosti St., 11. - a building site relief quiet, a bias of 6% towards Nezavisimosti St.; - soil type loamy; - depth of frost penetration in the earth of 0,61 m; Proceeding from predesigns, the zone under building of 4054 sq.m and a zone of gardening with a total area of 1400 sq.m is allocated for squares of a site under construction which makes 5670,0 sq.m. In the territory which is free from building such measures of improvement are taken: - green protective strip 2 m wide; - territory protection: green plantings from short-haired bushes of a thuja 1,5 m high from the main facade of the building; - approaches, paths will be paved by a figured stone blocks; entrances, sidewalks bitumen. The main approach to an institution it is designed the 7 m wide; - the parking for cars of visitors on 25 places is provided; - drives on the territory 8 m wide are organized (to an unloading platform and parking), on all length the entrance of fire trucks from two parties is provided; - the territory and an institution it is planned to light in evening and night time. Artificial lighting of the territory will be provided by land lamps with spherical plafonds and searchlights which will be placed on a building roof; - the landscape gardening recreation area of visitors is organized. Gardening was solved by the device of lawns, short-haired bushes of a thuja, beds of seasonal flowers and the mixed flower beds. Characteristic of external engineering networks: - A power supply network in the area transformer substation of TP No. 3/12 on Osvoboditeley St., 25. - The water supply network is provided for satisfaction of economic and household, sanitary and hygienic, technological and fire-prevention requirements. In the designed building the deadlock system of cold and hot water supply with the lower distributing is accepted. At the designed enterprise the uniform water supply system which meets the economic, production and fire-prevention needs is accepted. - The sewerage network a regional collector of  900 mm passes between Nezavisimosti St. and Osvoboditeley St. at distance of 1400 m from border of the territory of building; - The central heating network in the designed resort hotel is provided the central system of water heating. Primary heat carrier superheated water with a temperature of 130 C comes from an autonomous boiler room to an elevator of thermal knot of the designed enterprise. System of heating with the lower distributing the two-pipe. Air from system is removed through the air-line laid under a ceiling of the top floor. As heating devices pig-iron radiators like M-140 are used. Heating devices are installed at external walls under windows without niches and overlapping, but closed by a wooden case with apertures in the top board and in a forward wall at a floor. - The system of ventilation (according to Construction Norms and Regulations 2.04.0591) is provided natural ventilation of air for administrative and household rooms, mechanical stitched ventilating system for trading and entertaining floors. For production rooms the exhaust ventilation deleting air pollutions with the gaseous is provided. The structure of the following systems is provided in an institution: city broadcasting network, city telecommunication, installation of systems of satellite, internal communication, satellite communication. 3.2. Construction decisions of the enterprise The projected hotel and restaurant complex is a building which is: to destination a public construction; behind town-planning requirements city value; on durability the II degree with service life not less than 50 years; on fire resistance the II degree; on number of storeys sredneetazhny; according to the constructive scheme with bearing walls. Projected the building conforms to all requirements which show to public constructions of DBN 360-92 "Town planning. Planning and building of city and rural settlements", and also DBN.2.2-20:2008 "Buildings and constructions. Hotels"